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A lot of us love the flavor of fried food particularly when it comes to French fries. Although deep frying French fries can make that crunchy golden texture it's not ideal for your health, moreover you cannot enjoy deep fried food regularly if you are following a healthy diet plan. Having said that, there is now an alternative for fried food lovers from the innovative kitchenware company Tefal. The ActiFry is a fryer that creates top quality fried foods using very small amounts of oil.  

The Tefal ActiFry is a groundbreaking new specialized fryer that can make enough food for as many as four individuals with merely a single table spoon of oil, amounting to only three percent total fat. This healthy new option also can make fried food a lot more economical to cook considering the minimal amount of oil needed, but it is also much safer to work with as there is less risk of burning yourself with a large quantity of hot oil, as is possible with most other fryers.

Like standard deep fryers it isn't just used to cook French fries, although it is great for that. It may also be used to produce a complete range of other tasty and varied types of meals such as stir fried vegetables, fish, meat, roasted potatoes, as well as baked puddings. In fact, you can use this unique little appliance to prepare just about anything. With the non-stick Tefal container you may be assured that it won't be overly difficult to clean. The surface wipes clean easily regardless of what is cooked.

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It is quite simple to use. All you need to do is add your prepared food, for example chopped potatoes for fries, as well as your choice of oil and the ActiFry will do the rest.

It includes a cooking timer and alarm which will notify you whenever the cooking time is completed. It isn't necessary to be concerned with preheating the fryer or staying in the kitchen stirring the food as it is all done for you automatically. You can be sure that your meals are always cooked evenly and you can even view the cooking process via a viewing window that has been manufactured so it will not steam up while cooking. In addition, as an added bonus there is an odorless filter which is designed to keep the cooking smells typically associated with deep frying to a minimum, thus allowing you and your guests or family to enjoy their meals without the presence of overbearing food odors. As is common with all of Tefal's products the entire pan area is completely non-stick making certain the appliance’s cleanup is a snap. The ActiFry is also dishwasher safe thus making cleanup even easier.

You can rest assured that the ActiFry fryer is of solid quality due to the prestige that is associated with the Tefal brand name; they are among the leading suppliers of modern cookware. Even though the ActiFry may cost a little more than other types of fryers available on the market, it is well worth the price because of the selection of features that you do not get from a regular deep fryer; and for the healthy food it produces.

So, if you want fried food without the mess and without the fat, try the ActiFry today.